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  • Blog Post: What can YOU do with WPF and the Virtual Earth SDK?

    I've had a lot of questions about the technologies behind the Accruent application that I've demonstrated during the keynote of the Developer Track at the recent Office 2007 / Vista Launch Events. The mapping features of this application were built with Windows Presentation Foundation and Virtual Earth...
  • Blog Post: Windows Vista / Office 2007 Launch Event, Dallas, TX, Wrap-Up

    Whew, what an awesome event we had today. I'd like to thank everyone that attended our sessions as we talked about Windows Vista and Office 2007 from the developer's perspective. As promised, here are some links to additional resources related to developing applications for Windows Vista and Office 2007...
  • Blog Post: "WPF/E" February 2007 CTP Released

    Download it here . Read about it here . Play with it here . What are you waiting for?
  • Blog Post: DinnerNow Sample Application Released

    One of the sample applications we've been showing in the Developer Track at the Windows Vista / Office 2007 Launch events is the DinnerNow sample . Of course, with the limited time, we can only show the highlights of this great sample application. But, the coolest thing about this sample is your ability...
  • Blog Post: .NET Framework 3.0 and Windows Vista Development Resources

    I've had a lot of questions relating to finding more information and samples for developing applications for the .NET Framework 3.0, and / or Windows Vista, so I've decided to list some resources that may help. Obviously, this is not an exhaustive list, but more of a list of resources to get you started...
  • Blog Post: The New York Times Reader

    Another application that I've been demonstrating at the Vista / Office 2007 launch events is the NYTimes Reader. This is a very cool app written with WPF that will change the way you read news online. Check it out here . Note: free registration to is required.
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