Remove the Quick Launch in SharePoint 2013

Remove the Quick Launch in SharePoint 2013

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There are two ways to remove the Quick Launch in SharePoint 2013. The first is to open the site in Share Designer, and uncheck the option to "Display Quick Launch". While this works, it doesn't move the content to the left. You're left with an empty space that doesn't look great.



The second option is to alter the CSS using a Script Editor web part. Place a Script Editor webpart anywhere on the page, and add the following code. The first line removes the Quick Launch. The second line moves the code all the way to the left.

.ms-core-navigation { DISPLAY: none }
#contentBox { margin-left: 0px }
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  • The code presented above removes the Quick Launch but also removes the Global Navigation links from the top of the screen.  If you just want to remove the Quick Launch the following code should do the trick.

  • Replace    .ms-core-navigation      with       #sideNavBox

  • Great advise, thanks! Even better with Lucas extension.

  • With a last name like yours, you must be a good guy.  

    This worked like a charm.  Thank you.  

    Oooh, just noticed the Navigation Link issue, I will try lucas' fix.  

  • This doesn't remove the left margin on wiki page unless you put !important at end of #contentBox :


  • If you are using this code on master page then it would hide other naxbox (Ex:People and groups LHS navbox also).. To resolve this we can use:

    .ms-core-sideNavBox-removeLeftMargin { display: none } /* hide only quick links */

    #contentBox { margin-left: 0px } /* make content take full page width */

  • Excellent ! Worked for me with the following script:

  • Here is the script:

  • Don't know why the script is not displayed...

    Anyway, just replace    .ms-core-navigation      with       #sideNavBox

    as Lucas suggested

  • Nice and thanks this was quick, easy and worked straight away!

  • Depending on your page template you might need to use ...

    #DeltaPlaceHolderLeftNavBar{ DISPLAY: none;visibility:hidden; }

  • This is work!!! Thanks in advance for your tips. Both Ron Grzywacz and Lucas Struck.

  • Worked great! Thanks a lot.

  • Worked like a champ!  Thanks!

  • Works easily & beautifully

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