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  • Blog Post: Want to learn LINQ? Learn some of the new language features first - it will pay off.

    As you can probably tell from the title of my last few posts I've been doing some work with LINQ over the last few days. Your life will be a lot easier if you learn about some new features in C# 3.0 before getting into it, so here are some resources I've found useful and I hope you will too: Jomo Fisher...
  • Blog Post: Debugging LINQ

    I recently recorded a screencast on Javascript debugging (haven't put it up yet, watch this space) but one of the things that I covered was debug visualizers, which are a great alternative to the text-only property-name/value way of viewing state when debugging. If you're using LINQ with Visual Studio...
  • Blog Post: LINQ to SQL - compiled queries (with working example for beta 2), performance

    I've been meaning to dig into LINQ performance for some time (actually since it came up during one of my interviews for this job), so I was interested to read a sequence of posts from some of the C# team, tracing the performance of LINQ to SQL from the May 2006 CTP (it was called DLINQ back then) up...
  • Blog Post: Class Libraries on Application Diagrams and System Diagrams with VSTS Architecture Edition Power Tools

    I'm doing a lot of demos at the moment and most of the time I'm using VPCs since I can tee things up beforehand, do my demo and discard any changes at the end. Another advantage of this situation is that I can try out combinations of betas / CTPs quickly and easily, and remove any trace when I'm done...
  • Blog Post: Team Edition for Database Professionals Walkthrough

    Team Edition for Database Professionals (or DB Pro for short) has two main goals: Manage changes to the DB Mitigate the risk of making those changes To achieve #1, DB Pro extends the same ALM capabilities to database professionals that software developers have enjoyed for years, fully integrating...
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