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Ronan Geraghty's Blog (Developer and Platform Group, Microsoft Ireland)

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  • Blog Post: Live Search Images - Great UI!

    In my last post I blogged about Tafiti , a Silverlight interface to Live Search. Meanwhile, "traditional" Live Search has a particularly nice UI IMHO. For an example, follow this link: Leonardo DaVinci . The experience is really nice, you can zoom-in/out on the thumbnails, drag images of interest to...
  • Blog Post: Tafiti - a new search experience with Silverlight and Live Search

    Earlier Today Microsoft launched Tafiti (which means do "do research" in Swahili) which shows how Web applications such as search can be brought to the next level using Silverlight. Tafiti is essentially a Silverlight interface to Live Search and helps people search the Web by helping them visualize...
  • Blog Post: How Live Search / Virtual Earth got us to the party on time!

    So a few weeks ago I and most of the rest of the (Irish) Developer and Platform Group were in Orlando for a conference. We had an event to go to one evening after dinner so the five of us loaded into a cab...only to realise the exact address was umm so super-secret none of us had remembered to bring...
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