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  • Blog Post: Ireland/Northern Ireland : are you using an IE 8 feature?

    So my last few posts outlined how easy it was to create a webslice and an accelerator and also to ensure your site renders correctly in IE 8... So now that you're equipped with a couple of working examples, I've got an IE 8 branded wireless mouse to give away to the author of a cool example of a local...
  • Blog Post: An easy way to ensure your site supports IE 8

    You may know that one of the goals of IE 8 is to be the most standards-compliant version of the browser ever...clearly this has implications for all those sites out there which have content which is not strictly compliant to e.g. CSS standards for example. Thankfully, IE 8 has a few modes to allow it...
  • Blog Post: How to write a "Find on MSDN" Accelerator for Internet Explorer 8 (with working sample)

    MSDN is one of the sites I use most frequently, so I thought it would be a good candidate for my first IE 8 Accelerator. And it turns out it's even easier to do than writing a webslice. All you need to do is write a simple XML file, the specification for which can be found here on MSDN . The below...
  • Blog Post: Check out my blog's Webslice (alt: how to add a Webslice to your blog)

    So having just installed IE8 beta 2 today I thought I'd have a go at creating a Webslice for my blog...Turns out it's pretty easy, and I was even able to put a version of the Popfly mashup from my last post in my preview (added my blog's logo to make the slice a bit more visually appealing - clearly...
  • Blog Post: Javascript profiling in IE 8 beta 2

    Great feature, new in beta 2 :-) Performance of the javascript engine has been a major focus for IE 8, and it also gives you the tools to ensure that the javascript on your site is optimised. By using the profiler you can figure out where you're spending most time. Below is a snapshot of a profiling...
  • Blog Post: Internet Explorer 8 beta 2 now available

    IE 8 beta 2 launched today in English, German, Simplified Chinese and Japanese. 21 languages in mid-September, download it from http://www.microsoft.com/ie8 . To get a feel for the new IE8 experience, check out the videos here - to get you started here are just 5 of the new features in IE 8: ·...
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