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  • Blog Post: Take 5 - 5 time-saving features in VS 2008

    Ok, in no particular order, here are 5 features in VS 2008 which are going to save me some time: Extender Wizard This is convenient for use with the AJAX Control Toolkit: to add an extender to a given control, just click the to show the popup menu below: Then choose the extender you want...
  • Blog Post: DB Pro Power Tools - including T-SQL Analysis, dependency viewing and more refactoring options

    In a previous post I covered Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals. As of 11th August 2007 you can download DB Pro Power Tools from here . Some of these are really handy, e.g. Static Code Analysis - like an FxCop for T-SQL, and wildcard expansion which will convert e.g. SELECT * into...
  • Blog Post: "Team Development with Team Foundation Server" Guide Released

    Previously I highlighted the beta 1 of this guide, well now the final version has been released and is available for download at http://www.codeplex.com/TFSGuide In addition to the Parts I-VIII in the beta it also includes a section on Visual Studio 2008 Team Foundation Server, highlighting the upcoming...
  • Blog Post: Wire in your design with VS Team System and WF

    I've produced my fair share of class diagrams, sequence diagrams, collaboration diagrams and package and deployment diagrams; at times I've gone down the route of round-trip engineering, generating skeleton code from a full design and and round-tripping it back into the design tool to reflect changes...
  • Blog Post: Continuous Integration with Visual Studio 2008 (“Orcas”) Team Foundation Server

    I first started using Continuous Integration (CI) in 2002 when my then company started eXtreme Programming – I found it great and subsequently introduced it at every opportunity using combinations of CruiseControl / scheduled tasks and so on. When I started using Team Foundation Server I was a little...
  • Blog Post: Team Development with Visual Studio Team Foundation Guide - Beta 1

    My f irst post on this blog! Hope that cross posting to http://blogs.msdn.com/ireland works :-) Take a look at the Team Development with Visual Studio Team Foundation Guide which is now available for download. If you're already using or just looking at TFS, then this guide will show you how you...
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