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  • Blog Post: Diagnostics / Failed request tracing in IIS 7

    Dave recently uploaded his launch demo videos, and the IIS 7 one is particularly interesting if you're doing web development - check out the below for an overview of php on IIS 7 plus the really nice diagnostics / failed request tracing. Thanks Dave :-) You can see the rest of Dave's videos...
  • Blog Post: Community Launch Tour 2008 Video

    As per my last post , Dave, Bob and I will be hitting the road for the Community Launch this week. Want to see where we're going? Take a look at the below video that I put together using http://maps.live.com , pretty cool :-) Double click for full-screen to get the full effect!
  • Blog Post: The Lone Server - The last Windows Server 2003 left at Microsoft.com

    Check out the video on this page about the life of the last Windows Server 2003 left at Microsoft.com...I watched the longer version - what does that say about the amount of free time I have :-)? http://blogs.technet.com/windowsserver/pages/about-lone-server.aspx
  • Blog Post: ISVs - interested in Windows Server 2008 Software Certification?

    Application testing to achieve Certified for Windows Server 2008 or Works with Windows Server 2008 begins November 1. Among the benefits for ISVs are: · Major certification program improvements for Windows Server 2008: Estimated 50% less test fee and shorter duration. One logo for Windows Server...
  • Blog Post: Early adopter information for ISVs in Ireland (VS 2008, SQL Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 and more)

    We in the Developer & Platform Group in Microsoft Ireland are about to kick off our early adopter program for ISVs (the successor to the Ascend / Touchdown programs - see http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/isv/bb190411.aspx - that some of you may have been involved in). Microsoft is committed to...
  • Blog Post: Virtual Labs (you play, we clean up)

    Yesterday I wrote about why I tend to use VPCs at the moment for demos. In a similar vein, Microsoft Virtual Labs provides you with an online virtual environment to try out technologies such as WPF/WCF/WF , Team System or even Expression . You get a downloadable manual and 90 minutes to work through...
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