• roncain

    Dependency Injection with ASP.NET Web API and Autofac

    This post describes how we can use Dependency Injection (DI) in ASP.NET Web API using Autofac to accomplish a fairly common task – namely creating an ApiController with custom parameters to service an Http request. In WebApi, we define the basic verbs...
  • roncain

    ASP.NET Web API Tracing (Preview)

    Together with the official release of ASP.NET Web API we released the Microsoft ASP.NET Web API Tracing preview package.  It can be installed into a Web API application to allow framework and user code to trace activities to System.Diagnostics. ...
  • roncain

    Tracing in ASP.NET Web API

    ASP.NET Web API (available for download or on CodePlex ) supports tracing of both framework and application code. This post describes the fundamentals of Web API tracing, how to trace from your code, and how to make your code or framework code trace to...
  • roncain

    Using the ASP.NET Web API UrlHelper

    This article describes how to use the UrlHelper class in WebApi to create URL’s that can be used to invoke ApiController methods.   This UrlHelper class uses the application’s route tables to compose the URL, avoiding the need to hard-code specific...
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