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  • Blog Post: The Trouble with Automation

    Post from Trish Khoo (AKA @hogfish):
  • Blog Post: Important Blog Post From Alan Page
  • Blog Post: Cem Kaner Interviewed on uTest Blog

    Excellent 3-part interview with Cem Kaner: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
  • Blog Post: The Testing Blogosphere

    Yesterday I noticed that my view of the testing blogosphere is way out of date. Need to get back into the habit of paying attention to what's out there...
  • Blog Post: Don't be a follower (from Rob Lambert)

    Important blog post: (via James Bach on Twitter)
  • Blog Post: Software Testing Blogs Page

    It looks like with the new blogging framework the lists on my pages aren't showing up anymore. Since I got an email on it, here is the link to my page of software testing blog links: . I'll be figuring out how to get those...
  • Blog Post: Missing: Michael Hunters blog posts

    Sadly, it appears that DDJ has removed Michael Hunters blog posts on "Five questions with..." and "You are not done yet..." If you click on my links in the "Compendiums" section on the right side of the page you'll get 404 errors. If I'd have known they were going away I would have made copies, especially...
  • Blog Post: James Bach on Hanselminutes
  • Blog Post: Nice Post from Marlena Compton - Testing is Interdisciplinary.
  • Blog Post: Stack Exchange Testing Site

    I just found out about this today: . I'm there...
  • Blog Post: AnitaG's Blog

    Anita George is a principle test manager at Microsoft and has started to blog about test management. There are relatively many folks blogging about testing but not too many blogging about test management so I appreciate that Anita has started blogging.
  • Blog Post: I need to review my list of Software Testing Blogs

    My list of Software Testing Blogs hasn't been updated in a while. Some links are stale and I'm sure that there are some new blogs that should be added. While I'm at it, I should look at my list of Analysis Services related blogs . Maybe this coming weekend...
  • Blog Post: GTAC 2008 Videos

    GTAC is a cool idea. I see that there are videos of this years talks .
  • Blog Post: Continually Improving Tests

    I had a conversation with someone this week about how to improve the efficiency of our automated test runs. One thing I suggested was going through our test suites and getting rid of obsolete, redundant, and troublesome tests. I expected to get pushback around us not having resources to do the work but...
  • Blog Post: Tester Center - Where's the Updates??

    MSDN Tester Center hasn't been updated in a while. We haven't given up the ghost - we just lost some of the resources that we were relying on to update the site. We're working on fixing the problem and now it looks like we should start to be back in business around mid-October. In the meantime, we...
  • Blog Post: Testing Videos?

    Jonathan Kohl, in a recent blog post, says we need testing example videos. I agree. CAST 2007 had an evening testing event that produced some of these. Folks that were there were able to get copies of the videos. I see that one has shown up on YouTube . I wonder if the rest can be posted as well...
  • Blog Post: James Whittaker has started blogging

    His first post is here .
  • Blog Post: Software Testing / James Whittaker on Channel 9

    This is very cool...
  • Blog Post: Clint Huffman added to Software Testing Blogs List

    Looks like some interesting perfromance testing related stuff there.
  • Blog Post: James Bach's Book

    Last year at CAST, I spent time in James Bach's class, Self Education for Testers. That class really opened up my mind to possibilities I hadn't considered. Now I see that he's writing a book about things he mentioned in that class. I can't wait for the book to be available. This will go on my "must...
  • Blog Post: The Turkey Test

    This is a great post on things to be aware of if you ship a global application. It turns out that the Turkish locale is a great stress test for getting locale-specific stuff right. (Pointed to by Jeff Atwood's Blog )
  • Blog Post: Software Testing Books at Tester Center

    I'm involved in MSDN's Tester Center in the area of software testing book reviews . The current "Note from the Editor" at TesterCenter talks a bit about why testers should read books about their profession. What's your favorite software testing book?
  • Blog Post: My List of Software Testing Blogs

    It's a start
  • Blog Post: Software Testing Blogs

    This page contains the list of software testing blogs that I know about. James Bach Michael Bolton Cem Kaner Lanette Creamer (aka, Testy Redhead) Adam Goucher Elisabeth Hendrickson Matt Heusser Michael Hunter Michael Hunter - DDJ Karen N. Johnson Jonathan Kohl Alan Page Bret Pettichord Josh Poley...
  • Blog Post: PowerShell

    Before last week, about all I knew about Windows PowerShell is that it was supposed to ship in Vista but didn't. That changed when I attended an internal Microsoft talk by Dr. James McCaffrey , Ultra-Lightweight Software Test Automation using PowerShell (presumably adapted from his upcoming PNSQC talk...
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