October, 2009

  • Routing Rules!

    Team Management Training is Critical

    Just read an excellent article over at Joel On Software on one of the critical differences between the CS educations most people get and the expectations of real world work at an actual software company. You can find it over here , and I highly recommend...
  • Routing Rules!

    Routing Service Features - Protocol Bridging

    A while ago I introduced the features of the Routing Service, and "Protocol Bridging" was among them. But what does this mean and what does it really do for me?   Protocol Bridging in the context of the Routing Service means two key capabilities...
  • Routing Rules!

    Routing Service Features - Content Based Routing Part 2

    In the last post I introduced you to some of the design concepts around content based routing, and talked about our implementation through WCF's MessageFilterTable. In this post, I'll give you some examples of what configuring CBR at the Routing Service...
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