Microsoft Thought Leadership Series, February 2013, "Social technology is an expected utility; Social business is a way of life" Co-authored article by Roy Sharples, Fred Warren


Microsoft Thought Leadership Series, November 2012, "Delivering Design Led Transformation" Co-authored whitepaper by Fred Warren, Roy Sharples, Phillip Joe.


Microsoft Thought Leadership Series, October 2012, “Money Changes Everything: Generate Revenue by Leveraging Technology for Strategic Differentiation” by Roy Sharples


Microsoft Thought Leadership Series, March 2012, “Design-Led Business Transformation” Co-authored posting by Roy Sharples, Fred Warren.


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Microsoft Industry Thought Leadership, January 2012, “Trading Platform of the Future: A Microsoft Industry Perspective for Capital Markets” Co-authored white paper.


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Microsoft UK Architect Annual Summit Keynote, April 2008, “The Art of Hustling & Gunslinging within the Customer-Oriented Culture”


Microsoft and Tesco case study: “Shaping the Future of Online Retail” case study based on innovative use of technology to help retailer innovate on new business models and to provide differentiated products and services to its


Cisco and Ford case study: “Learning to Shape the Future” by using innovative collaborative technologies to help create an state-of-the-art learning and business incubation experience.


Ford case study: Ford Drives Rendezvous Room Scheduling Software to New Centre of Excellence” by using leading edge business solutions software to improve agility and enable low-cost facility and technology operating model


Professional Associate for the University of Waterloo’s Social Innovation Generation, which is a national body addressing Canada's social and ecological challenges by creating a culture of continuous social innovation