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Raghavendra Prabhu

January, 2004

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About Raghavendra

Raghavendra Prabhu worked as a developer in Microsoft on the Live Search backend team, which he joined in November 2005. Prior to that, he spent 3 years as a developer on the .NET Client team (part of the Visual Studio group) helping write some of the code generation and resource handling components in Visual Studio 2005, as well as some API in .NET Framework 2.0, mostly in the System.Configuration and System.ComponentModel namespaces.

He left to pursue a career opportunity outside of Microsoft in Feb 2007.

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    Windows Forms - MFC Interop: What's new in Whidbey?

    In response to a comment on my previous post on this topic, I emailed some folks internally to find out what new is planned for Whidbey in the area of Windows Forms - MFC interop. Here is what Anson Tsao , a Program Manager on the VC++ team, had to say...
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    On using Windows Forms controls as ActiveX controls

    [Update: Reformatted and edited the quote below] Here is a great summary by Mark Boulter (Tech Lead on .NET Client Team): To summarize our official position on using Windows Forms controls as ActiveX controls: v1.0 of Windows Forms only...
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    Which Framework version will my app use?

    From an internal mailing list (answers posted by Suzanne ): Q: App compiled on v1.0. When the app is run on a computer with v1.0 and v1.1 (and even v2.0 when released), what version of the framework will it automatically use? A: v1.0. Q: App...
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    Windows Forms Performance

    Here is a list of some resources you can use to improve performance of Windows Forms applications: Articles on Talk by Shawn Burke (Optimizing Your Application). Headtrax performance report . CLR Performance related bloggers...
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    New Home!

    The move is complete - from to . Many thanks to the MSDN/GotDotNet team for migrating all the content over and making this transition painless! .Text is pretty cool too.
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