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Raghavendra Prabhu

May, 2004

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About Raghavendra

Raghavendra Prabhu worked as a developer in Microsoft on the Live Search backend team, which he joined in November 2005. Prior to that, he spent 3 years as a developer on the .NET Client team (part of the Visual Studio group) helping write some of the code generation and resource handling components in Visual Studio 2005, as well as some API in .NET Framework 2.0, mostly in the System.Configuration and System.ComponentModel namespaces.

He left to pursue a career opportunity outside of Microsoft in Feb 2007.

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    Over 600 bloggers on!

    Wow - I just noticed the count of Microsoft bloggers on alone has surpassed 600! And of the 7 bloggers I know of in my immediate team, 4 have their blogs on a server other than If you scale that up, the total number of Microsoft...
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    Strongly typed resource model in Whidbey

    In Visual Studio 2003 and earlier, managing resources like images and icons in your project is somewhat difficult. For example, when you try to assign an image to a PictureBox through the property grid, you get the FileOpenDialog. When you pick an image...
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    Whidbey content on

    If you haven't looked at it already, you may want to check out the new Whidbey section on . It includes overviews and screenshots of the new Whidbey features for client application development. There is also a link to forums where you...
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    More bloggers from .Net Client

    I just updated my post on fellow bloggers on the .Net Client team - we have two more! This is great - there is going to be a lot of useful content straight from the product team. Also, I have mentioned briefly in that post what feature areas each person...
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    What's this new GenerateMember property?

    If you have played with Whidbey builds of Visual Studio, you may have noticed this new property called GenerateMember that shows up in the property grid for all controls and components you add to a Windows Form. Wondering what it is about? It is actually...
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