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Raghavendra Prabhu
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    Worldwide response to Tsunami

    The Tsunami disaster in Asia has been a sad and tragic event, but I think one bright spot amidst it all has been the amazing worldwide response to it. I don't recall the peoples of the world coming together this way ever before. Maybe the Internet has...
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    How does the Windows Forms designer in Visual Studio load a Form?

    Here are a couple of questions we often get from developers who are new to Windows Forms: 1) The designer allows me to open an abstract Form, but not a Form that inherits from an abstract Form. Why is that? 2) I got a load error when I tried to open my...
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    Windows Forms and Avalon roadmap

    If I am planning to write a Windows client application in the coming months, what technology should I target - Windows Forms or Avalon? This is a question that comes up every so often and results in a lengthy debate, but no clear conclusion. In an attempt...
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    Smart Client Developer Center reloaded

    Check out the new and improved MSDN Smart Client Developer Center page - it is a great place to start if you are looking for information about client application development. Jonathan, who is co-editor for the site with Chris Sells , has more information...
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