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Raghavendra Prabhu

December, 2005

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About Raghavendra

Raghavendra Prabhu worked as a developer in Microsoft on the Live Search backend team, which he joined in November 2005. Prior to that, he spent 3 years as a developer on the .NET Client team (part of the Visual Studio group) helping write some of the code generation and resource handling components in Visual Studio 2005, as well as some API in .NET Framework 2.0, mostly in the System.Configuration and System.ComponentModel namespaces.

He left to pursue a career opportunity outside of Microsoft in Feb 2007.

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    Client Settings FAQ updated

    I finally got around to updating my FAQ on the settings feature in .NET 2.0. Look for ' Update: 12/10/2005 ' to identify the new content. The new stuff is mostly some questions frequently asked on forums and internal mailing lists in Microsoft around...
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