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  • Blog Post: Mike Harsh talks about WPF/E on Channel 9

    If you were at MIX'06 or the last PDC, you have probably heard of WPF/E (or WPF/Everywhere), which is a technology to support rendering a subset of XAML cross-platform and cross-browser. Well, here's your chance to find out more about it - Mike Harsh gives a great overview and then walks through some...
  • Blog Post: Windows Forms and Avalon roadmap

    If I am planning to write a Windows client application in the coming months, what technology should I target - Windows Forms or Avalon? This is a question that comes up every so often and results in a lengthy debate, but no clear conclusion. In an attempt to clarify, John Montgomery has posted a set...
  • Blog Post: More on WinForms and Longhorn

    I posted sometime back about WinForms and Longhorn/Avalon and what the migration path is going to look like. Chris Sells has posted a link to a book that has a chapter dedicated to this topic. Note especially that the programming models introduced in Whidbey for things like Client Settings (see my earlier...
  • Blog Post: PDC sessions available online!

    View them  here .
  • Blog Post: Windows Forms and Longhorn

    It appears many PDC attendees seem to have questions like: WinFX is wonderful and all that, but do you guys have anything I can use before the Longhorn timeframe? Hey, I just moved to .NET and started writing Windows Forms apps. Are you telling me this stuff is going...
  • Blog Post: Finally!

    With the first day of the PDC drawing to a close, there is a bunch of information being made available publicly about Windows Longhorn  and Visual Studio/.Net Framework Whidbey. Hopefully, everybody can now see why people at Microsoft seem to be so excited about these products...
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