Community Technology Preview release of Enterprise Library 3.0 is now released.

Here are the highlights: 


-       Source Code installer

-       Partial Trust Support

-       Strong-Named Binary Assemblies

Validation Application Block

-        Core validation API

-        Minimal Validator Library

-        Attaching validators to objects via attributes

-        Attaching validators to objects via configuration

-        Not included yet (but in the works): Configuration tool support, complete validator library, integration with ASP.NET, Windows Forms, WCF etc.

Data Access Application Block

-        SQL Server Compact Edition Support

-        New Database.UpdateDatabase overload with updateBatchSize parameter

Configuration Tool

-        Visual Studio IDE integration

-        AppSettings support

-        Encryption support

Application Block Software Factory

-        Templates and recipes for creating application blocks and provider libraries

-        Preliminary documentation

Strong Naming Guidance Package

-        Recipes to assist in strong-naming and updating [InternalsVisibleTo] across multiple projects

 è  Download it from CodePlex site