Almost everyone now knows

-       Microsoft’s Zune  : a feature packed answer to iPod.

-       IPTV on Xbox 360 : Recently announced in CES 2007 keynote by Bill Gates

In a two-hour keynote on Tuesday Steve Jobs announced

-       Apple’s iPhone, A device in which besides listening to music you can make phone calls, send text messages and e-mail, surf the Web, and take and upload photos, all using a wide touch screen and a single button.

-       Apple TV, previously known by its code name iTV.

Interestingly a similarly-named net phone called the iPhone was launched by Linksys (a division of Cisco Systems Inc.) just few weeks before the more recently launched Apple’s iPhone.

Steve Jobs also confirmed continuing to refer to the new mobile device as the iPhone, though the trademark is owned by Cisco Systems. Apple has apparently been in discussions with Cisco over use of the iPhone trademark for some time, but it was unclear what Apple's use of the name will mean for either company.

So who is following who??

It seems Lots to come…I believe let the competition benefit consumers and let device convergence expedite to give that all-in-one device soon.