The “Wow” starts now! … The LOVE (Launch of Office Vista Exchange) is in the air!

With critiques trying to tear it apart by bashing Windows Vista about requiring fast processor and loads of memory… as they did at the launch of Windows XP…

So what happened?  Well, there are now 665 million copies of XP installed worldwide, giving it 74.3% share of the PC installed base. Other versions of Windows account for another 190 million units, or 21.6% share.)

No wonder nobody at Microsoft seems too upset about the bad reviews of Vista. First of all, it’s easy (and fashionable) to talk trash about Microsoft. And it’s all too easy to overlook Microsoft’s achievements, like making operating system software that works well enough and is priced well enough to attract 96% of the world’s PC users. ()

Windows Vista and Office 2007 rolled out yesterday at over 39000 stores around the world and online to change the way people live, work and play.

Whatever they say now..They’ll

Probably be using it too in a few years time (), if not now.