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  • Blog Post: InfoPath - Finding distinct nodes via Xpath

    While working in InfoPath you assume you have a repetitive section with a lookup from following xml ... <Z> <X> <Y>value1</Y> </X> <X> <Y>value2</Y> </X> <X> <Y>value1</Y> </X> </Z>...
  • Blog Post: Passing parameters to InfoPath Form - part 2 (and an InfoPath 2003 SP1 bug)

    Another way of passing parameters to InfoPath Form is using Scripting. Consider the following JScript to copy some InfoPath content to Another InfoPath Form -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- //Declare variables var param1; var param2; //parse parameters...
  • Blog Post: Passing parameters to InfoPath Form - the managed way

    Following is the modified code in C# for an InfoPathDev article by Jim Cantwell - Passing parameters to Infopath STEP I : Define A Parameters Schema <Params> <Param name="targetField1" value="Hello!" /> </Params> STEP II : Enable Merge Functionality Open and change the manifest...
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