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November, 2005

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    HL7 Software Factories

    Everybody trying to implement a solution that uses HL7 Version 3 standards faces a pretty steep learning curve. This is not specific to HL7, but to any industry standard and can be extended to include company guidelines for software development as well...
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    More on HL7 Software Factories

    This is taken from the GotDotNet Workspace and provides more insight on what is included in the project: Over the last few years, as an active member of Health Level Seven ( HL7 ) standardization organization, Microsoft significantly contributed...
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    Microsoft's Role in the NHIN

    The RHIO sponsored by MA-SHARE in Massachusetts, part of the Connecting for Health NHIN prototype, is built on the Microsoft platform. Check out the press release .
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    NHIN/RHIO, a step closer...

    The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has just announced the 4 winners of the RFP for the NHIN/RHIO prototype. Microsoft is actively engaged in the one led by CSC and I am personally working on their implementation of the Massachusetts RHIO...
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