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  • Blog Post: IHE XDS.b Reference Implementation Gold Now Live

    As promised the GOLD version of the IHE XDS.b Reference Implementation is now posted on CodePlex [ direct link ]
  • Blog Post: Microsoft IHE XDS.b Reference Implementation Passes the Connectathon!

    It is official, after a week of testing in Chicago at the IHE Connectathon , the Microsoft IHE XDS.b Reference Implementation has passed and received the GREEN LIGHT from the Connectathon staff: You can expect the final drop of the code to be posted to the Codeplex web site in about a week. Kudos to...
  • Blog Post: Health Connection Engine Whitepapers Now LIVE!

    We just published two (2) Health Connection Engine whitepapers: Introduction to The Microsoft Health Connection Engine : This whitepaper provides an overview of the Health Connection Engine (HCE), including the major concepts and the service-oriented architecture (SOA) principles applied within HCE....
  • Blog Post: MS-HUG TechForum - Lessons Learned in Forming a RHIO

    The industry position on RHIOs is that "they are so yesterday" and "HIE is the new RHIO", but it's interesting to see how many people are attracted by this topic and what kind of interest is there in learning how this is working for others. Mark Singh just spoke about the experience with SEMRHIO . A...
  • Blog Post: Summary Report for NHIN Prototypes

    If you pay any attention to what's happening in the U.S. around the National Health Information Network (NHIN) you certainly have seen that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has posted another RFP for more prototypes to test what was done last year in the 4 prototypes and in HITSP . At...
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