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  • Blog Post: MOM 2005 MCF throws an exception when UpdateAlerts() is called

    After calling UpdateAlerts() an exception is returned: "Value does not fall within the expected range". DBGView will show the following output: [4680] [E] 04680.01796, (cdasmomconnectorframework.cpp::2114) Could not decode unknown vartype 36 ! [4680] [E] 04680.01796, (cdasmomconnectorframework.cpp...
  • Blog Post: In MOM 2005, TimeOfFirstEvent and TimeOfLastEvent are set to 12/30/1899

    I recently had a customer ask me why the TimeOfFirstEvent and TimeOfLastEvent fields in an alert get set to 12/30/1899 when their custom application, which uses the MOM Connector Framework (MCF), uses UpdateAlerts() to set the resolution state of an alert. I did some research and found that SQL Profiler...
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