John and I have been working on a sample application using the Windows RSS Platform. It's a screen saver which displays the image of RSS posts that have image enclosures. The screen saver is based on the Visual Studio 2005 Screen Saver Starter Kit. We changed it to retrieve images and feed content from the RSS Platform.

Here what to do:

  1. Install IE7 Beta 2 Preview.
  2. Download and install the screen saver. The .msi installer will create a folder in "My Documents" called MSDN\RssScreenSaver with the source code and including documentation.
  3. Read the documentation and follow the steps to build the screen saver.
  4. Subscribe to photo feeds in IE7 Beta 2 Preview. A simple photo feed is located here. You can also subscribe to flickr feeds. (Note: add _enc to the format query param to get pictures as enclosures)

Give it a try and let us know what you think.


Update 2/28/06: By request a screenshot of the simple photo feed:


Update 3/3/06: Sean has posted with a compiled version of the screensaver, so now you don't even need Visual Studio to try it out.  

Update 4/5/06: We've updated the screen saver to work against IE7 Beta 2 Preview release March 20th, 2006. Note the new download link.