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September, 2006

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    MSR Asia: RSS Reading Habits Survey

    What better way to spend a Friday afternoon (Redmond time, at least), than by filling out a quick 8 question survey on your RSS reading habits , hosted by the MSR Asia Center for Interactive Design? Even if you don't take the survey, the results will...
  • Microsoft RSS Blog

    Securing feed enclosures

    Greetings, I am one of the developers on the RSS team, and to complement Sean’s and Walter’s recent postings on feed security, I would like to talk about one topic that didn’t get as much attention in recent discussions on feed security as perhaps...
  • Microsoft RSS Blog

    More on Feed Security

    Shortly after the SPI Dynamics presentation that sparked a renewed discussion on feed security in the community last month, James Snell developed a suite of tests (based on an earlier set by James Holderness ), and generously made them available quietly...
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    RSS Platform MiniSDK

    Have you wanted to use the Windows RSS Platform from C++? Unlike managed code or script there is no simple way to create header files with the declaration of the IX.. interfaces which are designed for use from C++. Of course the msfeeds.h header file...
  • Microsoft RSS Blog

    NewsGator Desktop Sync in Beta

    Earlier this year at Mix06 , Greg Reinacker and I did a talk on the RSS platform, during which he demo'd tool to synchronize the RSS platform state with NewsGator Online. Yesterday, Nick Harris announced that the sync app, now known by the name of "NewsGator...
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