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    Still Gone? Ok – got it!

    Sam Ruby pointed out HTTP 410 GONE support in feed readers or rather the lack thereof. He links to the list of User-Agent strings that continue to request the feed that is gone. One of the entries points at the Windows RSS Platform as an "offender": ...
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    Feeds Plus: An Intern Adventure

    Last summer, we had a couple of interns on the RSS team here in IE: Nate Furtwangler, a developer intern, and Chrix Finne, a Program Manager intern. Nate and Chrix both did an amazing job helping us to ship IE7 and Vista, and they also found the time...
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    Enclosure Download

    A while ago I posted details about the RSS Platform Download Engine. That post focused on downloading of feeds, but did not include additional details on enclosure downloads.     Enclosures are, as most readers know, files that are "attached" to items...
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    Windows Vista and Feeds

    As noted pretty much everywhere on the web, Windows Vista launched (for businesses) last week. Windows Vista includes IE7 and the Windows RSS Platform , and is therefore the first Windows operating system to ship with built-in support for RSS (and...
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    RSS Platform MiniSDK

    Have you wanted to use the Windows RSS Platform from C++? Unlike managed code or script there is no simple way to create header files with the declaration of the IX.. interfaces which are designed for use from C++. Of course the msfeeds.h header file...
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    Securing feed enclosures

    Greetings, I am one of the developers on the RSS team, and to complement Sean’s and Walter’s recent postings on feed security, I would like to talk about one topic that didn’t get as much attention in recent discussions on feed security as perhaps...
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    More on Feed Security

    Shortly after the SPI Dynamics presentation that sparked a renewed discussion on feed security in the community last month, James Snell developed a suite of tests (based on an earlier set by James Holderness ), and generously made them available quietly...
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    Script in Feeds

    You might have read the c|net article " Blog feeds may carry security risk " which summarizes the presentation given by Robert Auger and Caleb Sima of SPI Dynamics. The presentation points to potential dangers of malicious script embedded in feeds. This...
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    RSS Platform Beta 3 Changes

    Jane talked about reading feeds with ease in IE7 Beta 3. I want highlight what is new in the Windows RSS Platform in Beta 3. With the release of Beta 3, the Windows RSS Platform is now API complete . This means that, barring any serious bug that we...
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    Events in VB.NET

    We’ve been getting a few questions on how to use RSS Platform events in VB.NET. The problem faced by most inquiries was the fact that the interface returned by the GetWatcher() method call couldn’t be cast to the FeedFolderWatcher or FeedWatcher type...
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    Book talking about the RSS Platform

    Last month, I reviewed the chapter about the Windows RSS Platform in Dave Johnson ’s upcoming book RSS and Atom in action . According to his blog post , it’s set for publication in mid-June after which you should be able to pick up a copy. We’re looking...
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    Niall Kennedy, Feed Platforms, and Services

    I, for one, am very excited to have Niall Kennedy join the Windows Live team and drive the development of an RSS platform . For one thing, it's great to have someone with a voice that is as well-respected as his joining Microsoft in any capacity. Just...
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    Windows RSS Platform Download Engine

    I wanted to take a couple of minutes to describe how the RSS Platform's download engine works. The behavior can be of interest to feed publishers who might be concerned about scalability as well as to developers and individual users who want to understand...
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    RSS at Mix06

    A quick plug for Mix06 - it's coming up fast (Mar 20-22), so get registered quickly. In case you missed it, Mix06 is a conference that’s focused on Internet technologies so, not surprisingly, RSS will be there in force, with a bunch of sessions...
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    Windows RSS Platform ala carte

    We just shipped the Windows RSS Platform with the IE7 Beta 2 Preview and questions about the RSS Platform are sprouting up . I wanted to address one of the most common questions first: how should applications can take advantage of platform? Within...
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    Feeds and well-formed XML

    Here in Windows, we’re working hard on Windows Vista Beta 2, and we've recently been doing some work on how we parse feeds. Our years of experience in with HTML in Internet Explorer have taught us the long-term pain that results from being too liberal...
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    Longhorn (hearts) Atom, too

    Yes, we love Atom, too. :) For the past couple weeks, we've been working full-time on implementing the RSS platform features in Longhorn. Of the many interesting features the development team has been checking in, I thought this one might be found...
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    Our welcome from (and to) the community

    Well, this is has been quite a fun 30 hours. Yesterday, at Gnomedex 5.0 Dean, GM of the Browsing and RSS Technologies team (and frequent IEBlog poster), announced a bunch of RSS-related features of Longhorn. Details of all that are on the MSDN site. ...
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