In Test Runner you can face Data Collectors time out issue while creating bug, ending test case, starting Test Runner etc basically at all points wherever data collectors are generating logs /getting initialized / disposed. Time out can happen for a number of reasons like network is slow, Client / Test Agent/ Test Controller machine is slow, large number of Data Collectors are enabled in test setting etc.

You’ll see these kinds of dialogs in Test Runner while facing time out issue:

Time Out while starting Test Runner


Time out while ending Test Case in Test Runner


Good thing is that these time outs are configurable in the mtlm.exe.config file:

<!-- How long test runner will wait for all local data collectors to initialize. Default is 50. -->

<add key="DataCollectorInitializationTimeoutInSeconds" value="50"/>

<!-- How long test runner will wait for an event raised to all local data collectors to complete. Default is 30. -->

<add key="DataCollectorEventTimeoutInSeconds" value="30"/>

<!-- How long test runner will wait for all local data collectors to dispose. Default is 60. -->

<add key="DataCollectorCleanupTimeoutInSeconds" value="60"/>

There is obviously no “right” default value for this. We want to keep it as low as possible for manual testers but high enough to not timeout in common / 80% scenarios. But if you facing time out issues too frequently then it will be good to modify it the mtlm.exe.config file.

If you are running a test agent also then you need to modify these files also on your machine running test agent:

· QTAgent.exe.config

· QTAgent32.exe.config

· QTDCAgent.exe.config

· QTDCAgent32.exe.config