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December, 2004

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    Unit Tests as documentation

    Since Unit Testing is becomming a defacto used practice in modern programming, this is an interesting topic to say the least: The next XP BE meeting will be hosted by Philippe De Bruycker of the Federal Administration of Foreign Affairs in Brussels. The...
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    Developer & ITPro Days 2005 updated

    Just slightly updated the agenda and some speaker details on Friday. If I had goodies to give away, I would open up a contest to 'spot the differences'. That is just to say how final things are at this point. Overall I'm hearing good feedback for the...
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    Random braindump while triaging e-mails

    I'm sure many of you find yourself in the same position, and maybe there are even tools out there that do this (if so, share!) I'm finding myself triaging e-mails again. The e-mails that arrive in my inbox are usually the ones that are important, and...
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