I'm sure many of you have already heard, but just to make it official.

Yes, I'm leaving Microsoft.

This will be the last post that I'll write while being employed by Microsoft Belux. It's good to be able to end my career here with the Developer & IT Pro Days 2005. The team, especially Tom, Ann and Jessie have and are still doing an amazing job to make sure it will be the best 'DevDays' ever. It is quite some work to get everything together, but with Gerd keeping a close eye on the project, we all got there! I was responsible to set the agenda, the content and get the speakers, so I do feel a bit nervous. And we have a record amount of people subscribed for the event, (so get there early!). I'm sure Bill Gates visiting has much to do with that. So I hope you will enjoy the event, and have a splendid 2 days of technical education and community building.