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  • Blog Post: 2005

  • Blog Post: Politics

    I try to keep this blog only on the technical side and not discuss religion or politics, but this seems like a nice site, that involves us all: go post your vote.
  • Blog Post: Windows XP SP2 (Dutch)

    Ik heb in mijn referrals gemerkt dat ik nogal hoog scoor op google als mensen zoeken op Windows xp sp2 en dutch (ofte Nederlands). Windows XP SP2 Dutch is beschikbaar voor download . Let wel, deze download is groot (~260 MB) en is niet de aangewezen manier als je een enkele pc wil updaten. Deze download...
  • Blog Post: (dutch)

    DISCLAIMER: The content of this site are my own personal opinions and do not represent my employer's view in anyway. In addition, my thoughts and opinions often change, and as a weblog is intended to provide a semi-permanent point in time snapshot. My opinion might change through proper education. Of...
  • Blog Post: Allegiance

    While perusing the otherwise very interesting and usually somewhat 'over-my-head' downloads from MSR, I came across the Source Code Download of Allegiance . This is a game that has been around for eons (ok, yes 4 years, but were talking space sims here). I have on occasion installed (and uninstalled...
  • Blog Post: Nice little videos

    Summer is shaping up to be enormously wet, especially between 17h-19h. Just when I'd enjoy a nice beer in Ghent. So instead I guess I'll go through all of these to keep me occupied. It is amazing but these are just the answers to the kind of questions...
  • Blog Post: Re-instate the 'Esc'ape key!! (please, pretty please, with sugar on top?)

    I would like to start a call to all developers in the world, and especially to the Longhorn devs; to re-instate the Escape key. There are just soo many scenarios still in the Windows shell where you as a user (of a not soo powerfull machine perhaps) are just waiting for something to finish, while you...
  • Blog Post: Candidates can apply here

    This is indeed getting somewhat personal, if only they got my name spelled correctly! But yes, some of my colleguas are getting married and people seem to start to wonder whats happening in my life. Ah, I really never expected to be watched like a hawk like some celebs. Not anything to the scale of...
  • Blog Post: Its a small world - NOT!

    It seems like I only visited about 9% of the globe. Thanks to Tim Sneath for pointing this out. create your own visited country map
  • Blog Post: Minor Upgrade

    Over the weekend I was forced to upgrade. This new version (29.2) was released on a strict yearly schedule and not quality based like the Microsoft Products. Some new and exciting features have been added over the year and many existing features have been improved considerably. In honour to celebrate...
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