Hello everyone, I wanted to follow up on Kavita's great kickoff with an introduction as well. I'm Moustafa Khalil Ahmed, a Program Manager on the Connected Frameworks Rules Team. I have a blog here that talks mainly about .Net framework 3.0, Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) and WF Rules. I've been in Microsoft for almost 6 years. I've been working on WF since the incubation and before that I worked on various Business Process Management products at Microsoft including BizTalk Server and Commerce Server.


As Kavita mentioned, there will be a few people contributing regularly to this blog in the hopes that together we can provide our perspective on WF Rules and Business Rules in general. With the release of .Net Framework 3.0 and WF v1 right around the corner there's plenty to talk about and I encourage you all to leave us comments to suggest blog topics and to tell us what your top issues and pain points are. Let the dialog begin!


Cheers, --Moustafa