Prerequisites :

  1. Please go through below link to understand the full flow of running load test in VSO


      2.  You can sign in to https://<<userCceatedname>> with your load test account and can see how many user minutes are left.

      3. To Run load test you will need Project Collection Administrators permission which you can assign to ourself by going to below link 


      4. TFS URL for load testing :
          Add http://<<usercreatedname>>  to servers group.  More details here :


How to enable detailed logging :

  1. Go to c:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0\common7\ide
  2. Open devenv.exe.config and go to end of file. Make sure value of below setting is set to 'all'
  3. <add key ="ELSclientLogLevel" value="all"/>

Where to see detailed logs?

  1. Type %temp%\elsclient in  Run and you should see detailed logs there

More trouble shooting on issues:

How to run load test :

  1. Open your VS project where load test is present and mark Load Test settings as active as shown below.




  1. Click on 'Load Test' tab in Visual Studio
  2. Click on Load Test Manager  and you should see test is running and you are connected to http://<<UserCreatedName>> on top right corner.