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May, 2005

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    Running auctions on SQL Server 2005

    [Attachment: CommodityExchange.zip ] We studied auctions in our e-commerce and AI classes at U of M . In one of our assignments we were asked to configure an agent that played the Trading Agent Competition ( TAC ) which involved a variety of auctions...
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    Managing scheduled async SQL Server tasks

    DBAs often struggle with setting up automated tasks for managing databases such as taking backups, maintaining warehouses, re-building indexes and generating scheduled reports just to mention a few. While Service Broker is seen mostly as a framework for...
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    Building a community debt tracker webapp

    Having built webapps in Java and PHP, I have been curious about ASP.NET. So I decided to teach myself some basic ASP.NET programming by building a useful webapp. A common problem that I've faced going for dinners/movies/shopping with other single friends...
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    First book entirely dedicated to Service Broker

    The Rational Guide To SQL Server 2005 Service Broker (Beta Preview) by Roger Wolter ISBN: 1932577203 Roger, our group program manager for Service Broker is writing a book on developing and deploying Service Broker applications. The beta preview version...
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