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June, 2005

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    Solution to BrokerChallenge 0

    It has been a week since I posted BrokerChallenge 0 and I am quite happy to see several people successfully cracked it. Still others gave it a shot but were not completely successful. So I decided to post the solution to the challenge. You can get the...
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    [BrokerChallenge 0] SEND me a message

    Over the past week I have been planning to launch the first open to public Service Broker. At the same time, my dev team was having a discussion regarding how we can do something cool and interesting to get the community involved in our product. So I...
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    SODA (Service-Oriented Data Architecture) at TechEd

    Where do relational databases systems fit to provide reliability, scalability and resilience to loosely-coupled world of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)? Fueled by XML, CLR hosting, integration with Visual Studio 2005, native web-services, asynchronous...
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    Shipping rowsets across databases using Service Broker

    [Attachment: ShippingRowsets.zip ] While there are technologies such as log shipping, SQL Server Replication Service and database mirroring available for various scenarios that require maintaining a copy of the data in a secondary source, several customers...
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