You can now download the demos used in Gerald and Roger's PDC talk on the Service Broker from SSB CodeGallery. The demos include:

  1. Basics - Creating metadata, beginning a dialog, sending a message and receiving a message.
  2. CLR Services - Writing a CLR stored proc and activating it internally, writing a CLR application and activating it externally (using the External Activator).
  3. CG Locking - Maintaining consistency when concurrent queue readers receive messages from the queue.
  4. WCF Channel - Layering the Windows Communication Foundation ("Indigo") on top of Service Broker by implementing  Request/Reply custom transport channels. [This is work in progress and hence we are not releasing this yet].
  5. Remote - Setting up endpoints and exchanging service listings so that services hosted in different SQL Server instances can talk to each other securely and reliably.