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December, 2005

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    App Paritioning: Data Dependent Routing using Redirection

    Following up on my previous post regarding how to talk to partitioned services with data dependent routing, here is another mechanism -- redirection. One of the main drawbacks of having the routing service forward messages to the final target service...
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    App Partitioning: Data Dependent Routing and Forwarding

    One strategy to achieve scale-out is replicating data. Another is partitioning. Each has its own advantages and limitations; and you’d use one over the other depending on the nature of the data itself as well as the access pattern. While Service Broker...
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    Remus joins the blogosphere

    My teammate Remus Rusanu spawned his blog today with a great article on how to write a simple publish-subscribe service in SQL Server 2005 using Service Broker. While SQL Server 2005 does not natively support a pub-sub architecture and the only type of...
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