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    Tools we used to test C# during VS2005

    During this last product cycle the C# test team faced some interesting testing challenges. Below is a recap from some of tools written by the C# test team for Visual C# and Visual Studio 2005. CompilerFX: One of the big challenges of testing a compiler...
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    Customer bugs - list of fixes

    To follow up from the previous post, here are all the fixed C# and Visual Studio Debugger bugs reported through MSDN Product Feedback for Beta1 and the CTP's (this doesn't include bugs entered on Beta2). The top bug reporters for C# and the Debugger are...
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    Customer bugs - results

    Almost 9 months after shipping Beta1, Beta2 is shipped and in your hands. One big difference between VS2005 Beta1 and betas of our previous products has been the amount of community involvement. Beta1 was the debut of the MSDN Product Feedback Center...
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    I love going out to college campuses and meeting students, chatting about their projects and giving them a coding problem or two. Every college has its only flavor and emphasis - some focus on Java, others C or C++, and some C#. The programming language...
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    Test styles and predicting bugs

    I recently had some flight/airport time to catch up on a couple articles I've been meaning to read. What is a good test case by Cem Kaner This is a good summary for people new to software testing. I'm a strong believer in using multiple "test styles"...
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    Introduction & Application Verifier

    Hello, I'm the Test Manager for Visual C# and the Visual Studio Debugger. During my career at MS, I've also worked on Win95, Visual Test, Visual J++ and Visual C++. In addition to blogging about what my team is up to, I'll touch on some of the other...
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