CNET's Robert Lemos recently spoke to Chris Stone (Novell's vice chairman) about the takeover... When asked about how the takeover will affect the Mono Project, Chris had this to offer:

“Mono is great. I like the idea very much of being able to run .Net applications on Linux and recompiling things written in C# to run on Linux. We will become a big advocate for Mono. I hope Microsoft views it as a good thing. The more .Net applications available to run on Linux should be a good thing for Microsoft. We have some services that we have been building in the security and identity and authentication space, which would be terrific additions to Mono.”

I have a few things to say about this: YAY! WAHOO!!! Kick Ass!

I'm extatic to hear that Novell won't be killing Mono, and in fact will push forward with it even more. This is a huge win (in my opinion) for .NET and Microsoft! Good stuff Novell!