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  • Blog Post: Updated WICExplorer, AIT CODEC, RGB Effect...

    WICExplorer, AIT CODEC, and RGB Effect are now updated for Beta 2. AIT CODEC Code (Beta 2): AIT CODEC Compiled (Beta 2): AIT CODEC Code (Beta 2): Code is also found in C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v1.0\samples\ in the Imaging folder...
  • Blog Post: First Sample BitmapEffect

    We've announced a while ago that the BitmapEffects pipeline within WinFx (particularly in Windows Presentation Foundation) would be extensible. However, no samples were provided. Today I'm posting the first sample that we've created for test purposes. It demonstrates how to build a simple BitmapEffect...
  • Blog Post: Official MSDN Documentation (for WIC and BitmapEffects)

    Some folks have asked where the official documentation is for WindowsCodecs. It's there in MSDN, but it's not with the rest of the WinFx Documentation (mainly because the WIC APIs are unmanaged). The official MSDN Documentation for WIC is here:
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