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  • Blog Post: A few updates and links

    Some folks have been inquiring about the sampel code that I had on my blog. Since my web host was changed and the content was lost, I've moved the code to CodePlex. I've pruned the samples, and made them availabled here . What's included: Converting WPF BitmapSource <-> GDI+ Bitmap Metadata...
  • Blog Post: Moving to other blogs...

    Just last week, the DirectX blog has gone live! From now on, any posts about WIC will be placed on the DirectX blog. Questions about WIC will continue to be answered in the WIC Forums on MSDN. Also, in a short while I'll be setting up my own blog which won't be focused on WIC. Rather it will be...
  • Blog Post: Metadata Working Group 1.01 Spec Published

    Just today the Metadata Working Group posted the version 1.01 of their guidance . There are a few changes: clarification around location removal of Exif UserComment from the "Description" guidance clarification around "Date/Time" addition of "Implementation Notes" section
  • Blog Post: WIC in Windows 7 Pre-Beta

    With this morning's keynote on Windows 7, I can finally share details about what's changed in WIC in Windows 7! We've spent much time fixing many issues that both our customers and we found since we shipped Windows Vista. We also added a number of important features that were asked for by customers....
  • Blog Post: Metadata Working Group

    At Photokina this year, the Metadata Working Group standard was announced. This is an industry wide effort to improve how metadata is written and read for a number of key fields used in consumer workflows. The formation of this group included members from Adobe, Apple, Canon, Microsoft, Nokia, and Sony...
  • Blog Post: WIC Tools now available!

    The following WIC Tools are now available from the Microsoft Download Center... with source code! WICGrinder (updated!) WICExplorer Sample CODEC, metadata handler, pixel formats Click here to download the code! Also here.
  • Blog Post: WIC Forum

    Well, it's finally happened... we've created a WIC Forum on the MSDN Forums page. So, if you have any questions about WIC, please post them there . Enjoy!
  • Blog Post: Using WPF's InPlaceBitmapMetadataWriter

    Many folks have tried to use the WPF Imaging InPlaceBitmapMetadataWriter class without much success. Unfortunately the SDK sample provided only shows how to use this with PNG files... and this is less than ideal since folks are mainly interested in metadata on their JPEGs and TIFFs. The InPlaceBitmapMetadataWriter...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Pro Photo Summit 2007

    Last week was the Microsoft Pro Photo Summit. Below are links to some coverage from the event: PopPhoto (1) , (2) Blurberati Photo Business Forum Dispatches (1) , (2) , (3) , (4)
  • Blog Post: Metadata Conference

    At the recent Photo Metadata Conference , Josh Weisberg from Microsoft represented WIC there. Here's some coverage... and some more...
  • Blog Post: Wikipedia now knows about WIC

    It's great to see that now Wikipedia knows something about WIC . :)
  • Blog Post: HD Photo Beta Plugin for Adobe Photoshop

    Have you been eye-ing the new HD Photo format? Are you an avid user of Adobe's Photoshop? Well, now you can give HD Photo a whirl in Photoshop CS2 (or the CS3 beta). Download the HD Photo Plugin for Adobe Photoshop .
  • Blog Post: HDView from MSR

    Just announced at MSR Techfest yesterday... Ever wonder how you view gigapixel images? Or how do you even go about creating gigapixel images using somewhat commodity equipment? MSR just released a tool that's built on the WIC APIs and uses HD Photo as its backing store. Check out their website . ...
  • Blog Post: CMYK Color Profile Posted

    For those of you using CMYK images in your workflow using WIC, you'll want to download the CMYK profile that was posted a few days ago . Enjoy.
  • Blog Post: PhotoInfo FAQ

    Today the FAQ about PhotoInfo was posted. Check it out here. Of interest it talks about how to read the Maker Note data once a file was edited using WIC.
  • Blog Post: Microsoft PhotoInfo Released

    If you're looking to add IPTC and other pieces of metadata from Windows Explorer, Microsoft PhotoInfo is the tool for you! Check it out .
  • Blog Post: WPF BitmapSource and GDI+ Bitmap Interop

    Many folks in the forums ( most recent post ) have been asking how to interop BitmapSources (from WPF) with the Bitmap object that was known in .NET 1.0, 1.1, and 2.0. Being that this has come up in the forums many times, I figured I'd put together a small sample. The sample a WinForm app utilizing the...
  • Blog Post: WIC 1.0 is released!

    The WIC package installer is now available on MSDN: x86: x64:
  • Blog Post: Want to give PhotoSynth a try?

    There's a tech preview of PhotoSynth available! Go check it out!
  • Blog Post: WICGrinder Updated

    After the initial release of WICGrinder almost 2 weeks ago, we have added metadata tests in. Also, we addressed some bugs within the pre-existing tests. Please pick up an update copy of WICGrinder here: WICGrinder (x86) ; WICGrinder (x64)
  • Blog Post: So you wrote a WIC enabled CODEC... Does it work?

    After reading this blog, Peggi's whitepaper , and the MSDN Documentation , you decided to write a CODEC for an image file type. The CODEC was even tested in WICExplorer . Great! Now you hope that the CODEC is fully functional... meaning that you can use it from the Windows Vista shell, Windows Vista...
  • Blog Post: WIC RC1 Download!

    For those who have been waiting for a standalong download of the WIC redistributable, here it is: x86: x64:
  • Blog Post: MSDN Article on how to write a WIC CODEC

    Peggi, Lead PM on WIC, put together a most excellent write up for all of the things that go into writing a CODEC for WIC. It covers everything from the required interfaces that need to be implemented to which registry keys are required. The article is now up on MSDN. Check it out here! If anyone has...
  • Blog Post: PhotoSynth

    If you havne't already checked out PhotoSynth, head over to Channel 9 or Channel 10 and check it out! For for actual team website, check out .
  • Blog Post: Interested in Windows Media Photo?

    Bill Crow has a really great blog about Windows Media Photo. Interested in finding out more about this new image format? Head over to his blog !
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