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  • Blog Post: More details on space plan

    A few weeks ago I put up some posts about Bush's new space plan... Just following up more on this story, he outlined more of this plan today. Read about it here .
  • Blog Post: Bold Space Initiative

    A few weeks ago I posted an article about the possibility of new missions to the moon. Here's another article along the same lines . Also, if you're interested in up-to-date images from the Mars Rover (Spirit), check out this page . Very cool stuff! I can't wait until they post more photos.
  • Blog Post: New Mission to the Moon

    President Bush reportedly wants to send a mission to the moon to hopefully leave a more permanent presence there. This is phenomenal! This is exactly what we need. A new generation of excitement for space exploration. I have been a long time proponent of exploring space and have always believed that...
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