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  • Ryan CrawCour

    Windows Azure and Fixed IP Addresses

      Several folk that I work with have asked about the ability to reserve a fixed IP address for their Windows Azure services. This is often needed in order to provide access on a whitelisting service, proxy or firewall. Windows Azure does not offer...
  • Ryan CrawCour

    Windows Azure Spending Limit

    With the recent (even though it feels like many moons ago, it’s only been a few weeks) December updates to the Windows Azure platform you can now try out Windows Azure risk free! We’ve offered trial accounts ever since the launch of the platform...
  • Ryan CrawCour

    public void HelloWorld() {…}

    I thought it appropriate to start out my life on blogs.msdn.com with a HelloWorld style post, after all this is the way many of us start coding in a new language or against a new platform. I have recently joined Microsoft as a Technical Evangelist...
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