Well, here I am blogging my first post (or posting my first blog?)...in the event that someone actually reads this, it'll give a brief intro:

My name is Ryan Chapman and I'm a new developer in the .NET Compact Framework group.  I'm new to both MS and the Seattle area--I grew up in and around Vancouver, BC.  (Well, I grew up in Abbotsford, but I don't expect too many people to know the outlying areas of the Lower Mainland that well...unless you happen to be a big airshow buff.)

I'm working one the Code Access Security features of the compact framework--unfortunately I can't give any information about when (and if!) it will be released, mostly because I don't have that info myself!  Stack walks aren't exactly the highest performance thing on the planet, so bringing them into the embedded world is a delicate balancing act...

Anyway, should you happen to find yourself reading this, please take a moment to say hi!