Ah yes, the Evil Empire.  A clever moniker when I first heard it has become a remarkably well-known pseudonym.  But is it still relevant?

I was very interested by an article about this topic in a May issue of The Economist.  The main point: “Microsoft has decided to grow up, make peace with its enemies and work with its industry to form open standards and share vital technology.”

Indeed, as an outsider, I would have been quick to dismiss this and any similar reports as corporate doublespeak.  MS doesn't exactly have the best reputation and, in many circles, the pejorative nickname is well-earned.

However, in joining the company I was very pleasantly surprised to find an earnest effort underway to erase the image of brash arrogance and replace it with that of a good corporate citizen.  It seems to be understood that this sort of transformation takes a great deal of effort and resources.  From initiatives such as Trustworthy Computing to encouraging employees at all levels to interact with the computer-using community (hence this blog!), the company is genuinely interested in an image makeover--and is willing to do what it takes to get it done.

So now it's your turn.  Is it working?  Have you noticed a shift in the way MS does business?  Or do you think (as I likely would have!) that I've been brainwashed by The Man to write such silliness?!  I'm looking forward to all of your responses--fire away!