Ryan Chapman

.NET Compact Framework

July, 2004

  • Ryan Chapman

    Life imitates art (Dilbert?)

    I'm sure every engineer has had one of those brilliant Dilbert moments where you just lived through something you saw in a strip. Here are two of mine--I'd love to hear about any others! I was working for Glenayre Electronics in Vancouver, BC. I...
  • Ryan Chapman

    Random thoughts

    Kind of scattered today... I love this news . Sure, it's the “other guys,” but as a music lover I love to see a company find a way to take advantage of technology to distribute art, rather than running around trying to hang on to dated...
  • Ryan Chapman

    NETCF CAS-Who wants it?!

    As mentioned earlier, I been working on Code Access Security (CAS) for NETCF. A delivery date is yet to be determined. So because it's not in the product and because we haven't committed to delivering it, it's not really generating much discussion, leaving...
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