As mentioned earlier, I been working on Code Access Security (CAS) for NETCF.  A delivery date is yet to be determined.  So because it's not in the product and because we haven't committed to delivering it, it's not really generating much discussion, leaving me without much to say.  To solve this problem, I'm going to enter a dream world (a year? two years? more?) in the future where everybody has it and is doing all sorts of wonderful things with it.

...launching Yes's “Starship Trooper“...

>>>~~~*****~~~~>>>^^~*~*~*~ (<-That's us in our time warp)

Hi folks!  I see you all have CAS-enabled NETCF and it's the killer feature you've all been waiting for!  What motivated you to deploy NETCF CAS?  Was it because, until now, Java gave you the only platform for managed security--a runtime “sandbox” so-to-speak?  Was this on your wish list back in the halcyon days of Summer, 2004?  I'd love to hear your thoughts!