June, 2005

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About Ryan

I am the Supportability Program Manager for CMS, SPS, and Search.  What does that mean?  That means that I work with the product teams for those various products and technologies to provide customer feedback and drive improvements into the products to help customers prevent, diagnose, and recover from problems they encounter while using the product.  I've been blogging, with varying degrees of regularity, since around July 2004.

I'm originally from a small town in Alaska (Soldotna), where I was born and raised.  I attended college at Montana State University for one year until they asked me not to return, then moved to Oregon and spent some time pursuing a B.A. in English Lit at Lane Community College in Eugene.  When my wife-to-be and I got engaged, I moved out to Missouri and finished up my B.A. at Columbia College in Columbia, Missouri, then completed a year of an accelerated M.A./Ph.D. program at the University of Missouri before dropping out of the program to pursue a career in technology.