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Community Road Show Resources

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Hi Guys,

We have started on the road this week hitting most of the North Island – make sure you attend and check out how to build your own Windows Phone Application. - 

You can download resources from the camp here

Demo 1 – Spin The Bottle Summary: My name is Lochana and my app is called Spin the Bottle
Marketplace link:  

I made this app simply to:
1) Get familiar with Expression blend – one of two tools used to make apps
2) Learn how to use the free physics library for future apps.
3) Learn how to upload an app to the market place

The physics library and documentation can be found at  
Below is a summary of my tutorial.
The app uses a simple windows phone page with a canvas type LayoutRoot. Inside is a rectangle that fills the entire page, and a smaller rectangle in the centre. The floor.png and bottle.png images are filled into the big rectangle and the smaller bottle rectangle respectively. A small ellipse is drawn at the centre of the bottle to act as the rotation joint.

The following behaviours from the free physics library are used:

1) PhysicsControllerBehaviour – used on our LayoutRoot to say our environment is a physics environment
2) PhysicsObjectBehaviour – used on floor and bottle rectangles
3) PhysicsFluidBehaviour – applied to our floor rectangle so our bottle slows down
4) PhysicsJointBehavior – applied to ellipse, with BodyOne and BodyTwo fields filled with floor and bottle rectangles respectively.
Once the app is finished, it is important to remember the following steps:

1) Replace default phone tiles with your own graphics relating to your app, and get screenshots of your app using the emulator
2) Open project up in visual studio, right click on solution and go to properties and change deployment title (get rid of underscores), and specify a language like English in AssemblyInfo.cs
3) Compile in Release mode
The full tutorial can be found on SkyDrive. A great website for further guides on windows phone development is   .
Have fun!

Demo 2 – NZ Herald – New Feeder App – Summary:

Hi there, my name is Harish and I'm currently studying at the University of Auckland. I recently made an app called EPL Center which is a football app that displays all the latest information from the English Premier League football competition. My app includes news, results, fixtures, stats, reports, live scores, commentary etc. I decided to make this app because I wanted to make something that people would want to use frequently and because there was no good free football apps out there in the marketplace.

The process I took to make my app was:

- Decide what features to include.
- Find a way to get the data I needed for my app:
- RSS feed for news. Used a native .NET library, Syndication to extract XML data from the feed.
- HTML Agility Pack .NET library for scraping the rest of the data directly from HTML pages.
- Findd a website to get data from.
- Made the UI for the app to display this data. Predominantly used the ListBox control.

In my demo I walked through the steps needed to make a simple news reader using an RSS feed.We started work in Visual Studio and used a WebClient to retrieve the RSS feed document from the web. Then the SyndicationFeed class in the ServiceModel.Syndication .NET library allowed us to get the necessary information contained in an RSS feed to use in our app. After we got the data from the feed, I explained how to display this data using a ListBox. For the UI work we used Expression Blend and went through the sample data tool. This tool helped us generate mock data to help us get an idea of what our ListBox would look like once bound to the actual RSS feed data. This also let us easily select the attributes we want to bind our controls to e.g. making the value of our text blocks equal to the respective news article's title and description. We edited the ItemTemplate of our ListBox to show a title, description and image for each news article. Final thing I showed was how to navigate to the actual link of a news article using the WebBrowserTask once an particular article is selected in the ListBox.


HTML Agility Pack -
SyndicationFeed class -
Source code for demo

Demo 3 – Simple Vibrator – Using the Hardware :

I am Jonny and my app is Simple Vibrator. As the name suggests, it’s a vibrator app that has a simple metro interface. Users would use the slider to change the frequency and intensity, then flip the toggle switch to turn on the vibrator. Other features of my app include:

- Running under lockscreen
- Disable lockscreen
- Marketplace review functions

The demo that I covered includes the following phone functions:
- VibrateController
- DispatcherTimer
- marketplaceReviewTask
- marketplaceSearchTask
- rootframe ObscuredEvent handler

If you download the Vibrator sample project from the skydrive folder, the code related to using these functions are explained in the comments in the MainPage.xaml.cs file.
The following resources should be useful: - Running under lockscreen / disable lockscreen
- Vibrate controller  
- Dispatch timer  
- Marketplace tasks
- Obscured event  

Demo 4 – 2Degrees App – Using Live Tiles:

Hey all!
My name's Andrew, a PhD student / tutor at the University of Auckland. I've been involved with a number of mobile development projects over the past few years, including my PhD itself. Recently, I've been checking out the Windows Phone platform and I've been really impressed with how easy it is to build fully featured apps. For the roadshow, I've been demonstrating an app I wrote called "My 2Degrees", which lets users quickly view their 2Degrees account balances on their homepage, via Live Tiles. I've been talking about some of the technologies involved with that app, including background agents, asynchronous programming, and of course, live tiles themselves. I've also been doing a hands-on demo, showing how to add live tile support to an existing RSS feed reader application.

While I was learning the basics of windows phone development, I found MSDN to be quite a useful resource. Specifically, these pages really helped me understand some of the complexities of some of my application features:

Live Tiles:
Background Agents:

We are on the road for the next 7 days – so come on and join us and learn how to build your own Windows Phone app -


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