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  • Blog Post: Got Exceptions? AppHub Windows Phone Application Crash Reporting

    Any developer will tell you that debugging applications in production environments presents them with some unique challenges and applications on Windows Phone are no different.  With the new version of the AppHub developers portal debugging exceptions more
  • Blog Post: Boeing Takes to the Cloud with a Solution to Market its Best-Selling Airplane

    Yesterday during the opening keynote of the Worldwide Partner Conference , Steve Ballmer announced that Boeing was taking to the Cloud with a solution to market its best-selling airplane, the 737. The Boeing 737 is the best-selling airplane in aviation more
  • Blog Post: January Update of the Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools support Copy & Paste

    Brandon Watson blogged ( link ) this week about the availability of the January Windows Phone Developer Tools update and I would encourage anyone developing for Windows Phone 7 to install the two updates here. Using this update you’ll have access to some more
  • Blog Post: HTML5, Silverlight, Windows Phone - MIX 2011 Registration Open

    Whether you’re a Web developer interested in harnessing the awesome power of Windows Internet Explorer 9 with HTML5, a Silverlight developer developing the next awesome media or business application, or a Windows Phone 7 developer; you’ll definitely want more
  • Blog Post: Future of Silverlight Starts Now!

    On December 2nd join us in Redmond, WA at the Microsoft Campus or watch the event live online and see the future of Silverlight. Learn more about the Future of Silverlight from Scott Guthrie , get training, labs, and swag. It’s just like an extra day more
  • Blog Post: Windows Phone 7 Developer Launch Event – Mountain View (Oct 12-13), San Francisco (Oct 20-21)

    If you have a cool idea or wanting to build a app/game for Windows Phone 7 then come and join us for an event near you and get hands-on experience with Windows Phone 7.Windows Phone 7 Developer Launch Windows Phone 7 is here – and with it comes a new more
  • Blog Post: Silverlight4 Release Candidate Announced at MIX10

    Wow! it was a really wonderful exiting MIX10 event in Las Vegas (4000 attendees, 46000 online viewers …) with some great product demos , announcement of Window Phone7 Series, Silverlight RC, IE8 developer preview and ODATA. You can watch the MIX10 event more
  • Blog Post: SnapFlow Adopts Silverlight 4 - Keynotes at PDC09

    In a previous post I covered SnapFlow , a tool that allows for a non-developers to easily define and deploy workflow applications. In short, SnapFlow leverages Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) to define and power those workflows which, in turn, run in more
  • Blog Post: Silverlight4 Beta Availability for Developers

    Silverlight 4 Beta Information Earlier this week at PDC09 in Los Angeles we unveiled a Beta version Silverlight 4. This latest version delivers hundreds of features and controls that, when combined with the continued innovation in Microsoft’s world-class tools for designers and developers — Microsoft...
  • Blog Post: Architect Cafe | November 2009 Series | Online Webcasts

    November 24, 2009 at 11:00am – 12:30pm PST An Architect’s perspective on Silverlight 3 Tim Heuer Many .NET developers are becoming more and more interested in the Rich Internet Application development space, and in particular Silverlight.  In this session we will step back from a detailed implementation...
  • Blog Post: Patterns-Based Development with Silverlight Series

    Rob Bagby has started a new series (blog posts and screencasts) on Patterns-Based Development with Silverlight .  The series illustrates various design patterns while building a sample application (see screenshot below).  The patterns covered include the Repository, the Pipeline, the Service...
  • Blog Post: Netflix uses Silverlight & Smooth Streaming to stream the Wizard of Oz to America

    Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of The Wizard of Oz, and the re-release by Warner Brothers of an HD version of the movie, Netflix has launched a website to stream the movie for FREE to anyone in America on October 3rd. Netflix also hosted a free, live concert and outdoor movie screening on Tuesday,...
  • Blog Post: ARCast – Interview with Ward Bell on Silverlight for RIA at UFC Gyms

    I interviewed Ward Bell recently and we discussed using Silverlight for building Rich Internet Applications (RIA’s) for UFC Gyms and New Evolution Fitness. Read the full post on John Stame’s blog at
  • Blog Post: Silverlight 3 FireStarter | Thursday, September 17th, 2009 - Live Meeting Available

    This summer, Mithun Dhar is at it again with a Silverlight 3 FireStarter event to take place in Redmond, WA on September 17 th , and you can attend the event via Live Meeting. There are some terrific speakers lined-up. Scott Guthrie will keynote the more
  • Blog Post: Silverlight 3 FireStarter | Thursday 2009.09.17 | Redmond, WA or Online

    The FREE Silverlight 3 Firestarter sessions in Redmond, WA and available as online webcasts on Thursday September 17th include a keynote from Scott Guthrie and presentations from Tim Heuer, Brad Abrams, Karl Shifflett and other Microsoft community leaders. You'll learn what's new and noteworthy in the...
  • Blog Post: Silverlight and Photosynth at Stargate Universe

    MGM and Microsoft partnered to build an application intended to give old and new fans of Stargate a first look at the main location of the new Stargate Universe show, an ancient starship called the Destiny. The sets for the Destiny are amongst the most sophisticated ever built for a TV show, accurately...
  • Blog Post: Silverlight and Live Messenger at Photobucket

    Photobucket has collaborated with Microsoft to build Photobucket Visual Search ( ), making use of Silverlight, Windows Live Services and Photobucket's Open API platform. Photobucket Visual Search uses Silverlight to provide a rich and entertaining search experience...
  • Blog Post: Embedded Database Engine for Silverlight Applications

    So far, rich Internet applications (RIA) don’t have to be concerned with data management on the client side, as most connected implementations are designed to be simply a visualization and interaction layer to data and services on the server side. In these cases, data is retrieved from the server as...
  • Blog Post: Silverlight 3 Released!

    Silverlight 3 is officially released into production today! Silverlight has come a long way in the short time since its V1 launch in September 2007 and V2 release in October 2008. Each version brought very significant enhancements to the platform. My earlier post on the Silverlight 3 Beta has details...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Silverlight 3 and Expression 3 Launch

    Microsoft Silverlight 3 and Expression 3 will be unveiled at a virtual launch event on July 10, 2009. Attend the event at on July 10 to watch the keynote sessions and see new in-depth sessions. Stroll through the customer and partner pavilions in the Exhibition Hall or stop by 'The...
  • Blog Post: Photobucket Visual Search Launches!

    One of the reasons why I love being an evangelist is figuring out how we get great projects done on our platform – this one has me particularly excited.  I’ve been leading the project for the last 6 or so months, coordinating between our great clients at Photobucket and our fantastic design partner...
  • Blog Post: MGM Studios – Silverlight enables fans to explore the Stargate Universe and generates incremental Ad revenue for the Studio is the official site for the Stargate TV and Movie franchise.  The Stargate franchise includes the TV Show ‘Stargate SG-1’, the longest running science-fiction series in US TV history.  On July 8th, the site will re-launch to promote its new TV show, ‘Stargate Universe’ (coming...
  • Blog Post: – physics-engine powered game on Silverlight and Windows Live Services

    InXile Entertainment has collaborated with Microsoft to build a new version of the Line Rider game, making use of Microsoft's Silverlight technology and Windows Live Services. The new Line Rider uses Silverlight to provide a robust and intuitive game editing environment, and integrated Live Messenger...
  • Blog Post: Over 30 Million Pages a day on ASP.NET, Windows, and SQL –

    As a popular entertainment site with an advertising-based revenue model, must support high traffic volumes while enticing Web site visitors to spend time on the site. The company handles up to 35 million page views per day with only two Web server computers. "That's the thing that I don...
  • Blog Post: Kelley Blue Book embraces Software plus Services

    Kelley Blue Book leveraged .NET 3.5 SP1 to cut the head off their .NET Web Solution. They now leverage a mode-view-controller architecture so that they can get direct access to the necessary logic. This enables them to serve new experiences on mobile devices and through Silverlight 2.  With the...
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