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  • Blog Post: Windows Phone Stopwatch 5.1 RTM

    Updated for Windows Phone 7.5 , formerly known by the codename “Mango”, Windows Phone Stopwatch 5.1 has been Released to Marketplace (RTM) and so I thought I’d give an overview of this latest release and some of the new features. With 100,000 downloads more
  • Blog Post: Debugging the Update Process for Windows Phone Apps

    In my blog post entitled Testing the Update Process for Windows Phone Apps published last night we discussed the need for testing the update process for your Windows Phone applications. In this blog post we explore how to debug the update process for more
  • Blog Post: Customize a Windows Phone 7 Live Tile

    Windows Phone 7 “Mango” adds a lot of great new features to Live Tiles .  An app can now create Secondary Tiles that are controlled programmatically and deep link directly into the app.  One feature that I could not find, however, is the ability more
  • Blog Post: Dilbert’s Scott Adams accepts the Windows Phone Challenge

    We’re all likely familiar with Scott Adams Dilbert cartoon although what you might not have heard about is the fact that Microsoft’s Brandon Watson just challenged Scott Adams to the Windows Phone Challenge. Brandon challenged Scott to give the Windows more
  • Blog Post: Windows Phone “Mango” – Released to Manufacturing

    While I’m sure you have already heard the news, Windows Phone “Mango” was Released to Manufacturing this morning and is now on its way to our handset and mobile operator partners to optimize “Mango” for their specific phone and network configurations more
  • Blog Post: Got Exceptions? AppHub Windows Phone Application Crash Reporting

    Any developer will tell you that debugging applications in production environments presents them with some unique challenges and applications on Windows Phone are no different.  With the new version of the AppHub developers portal debugging exceptions more
  • Blog Post: Install Windows Phone “Mango” on Retail Devices

    Brandon Watson wrote a blog post this morning that should be music to the ears of all Windows Phone developers, announcing the availability of the Windows Phone Developer Tools Beta 2 and also how you can install Windows Phone “Mango” on retail Windows more
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Advertising SDK Update is Now Available

    We’re excited to let you know that we’ve just released an updated version of the Microsoft Advertising SDK for Windows Phone with support for both Silverlight and XNA. We strongly encourage you to download the Advertising SDK June 2011 Update , and start more
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Gamefest 2011 – Seattle, WA August 22-23, London, England July 14-15, and Tokyo July 29!

    From the launch of the new Windows Phone to the award-winning Kinect for Xbox 360 to Windows 7 and Xbox LIVE , Microsoft continues to provide developers with the technologies, tools and services for the world’s best interactive entertainment experiences more
  • Blog Post: 2012 Election for Windows Phone RTM

    Over the Memorial Day weekend I wrote two patriotic applications, the Independence Day application that counts down to our nations birthday, and also the 2012 Election application that counts down to the 2012 Presidential Election. You can download the more
  • Blog Post: Independence Day for Windows Phone 7 RTM

    With Memorial Day this past weekend I decided to take sometime and write a patriotic application or two, including Independence Day that counts down to our nations birthday and all the awesome BBQ and fireworks with friends and family. You can download more
  • Blog Post: Samsung Focus Ranked #1 AT&T Smartphone, Sorry Apple!

    The Samsung Focus ranked as the number one smartphone in the PC Magazine Readers Choice Awards 2011: Mobile Phones and Carriers , Sorry Apple! I have been using the Samsung Focus for a little while now as my primary phone and this phone is totally amazing more
  • Blog Post: Windows Phone Developer Tools 7.1 Beta Release

    Today, in New York City, Andy Lees announced the next major release of Windows Phone, previously codenamed “Mango”, to the world.  We’re excited to release the Windows Phone Developer Tools 7.1 Beta and would encourage mobile developers to download more
  • Blog Post: Windows Phone Press Conference, New York City – Tune in Tomorrow 10:00AM EST

    Michael Stroh just blogged about tomorrow’s press conference in New York City where we’ll discuss the future of Windows Phone You can listen live to the press conference beginning at 10:00am (EST), you’ll find the link in the Windows Phone Newsroom . more
  • Blog Post: Verizon Wireless Launching Windows Phone 7 HTC Trophy

    If you’re one of the many Verizon Wireless subscribers who have been eagerly awaiting a CDMA based Window Phone 7 device the wait is nearly over. On May 26, 2011 the HTC Trophy will be available to order directly from the Verizon Wireless website and more
  • Blog Post: Encouraging Windows Phone Marketplace Reviews

    After a Windows Phone application has been in the marketplace for sometime there will invariably be several reviews of the application, ranging from one to five stars with optional remarks associated with the review. While there are users who will write more
  • Blog Post: Using the Windows Phone 7 Advertising SDK

    Windows Phone Stopwatch 4.4 using the Windows Phone 7 Advertising SDK While writing Windows Phone 7 applications is cool, writing Windows Phone 7 applications that earn money for you is really cool! Why Monetize Windows Phone 7 Applications? Microsoft more
  • Blog Post: Windows Phone Stopwatch 4.4 RTM

    Windows Phone Stopwatch 4.4 is now Released to Marketplace (RTM) and within this blog post I thought I’d give an overview of this application that has steadily become the most popular stopwatch on Windows Phone 7 . Starting / Pausing the Stopwatch With more
  • Blog Post: Why Windows Phone Will Beat Android

    At the Microsoft MIX 2011 conference we discussed the fact that both IDC and Gartner issued reports indicating that by 2015 the Windows Phone ecosystem will be the second largest phone ecosystem in the world ( IDC press release , Gartner press release more
  • Blog Post: MIX 2011 Keynote Day 2

    MIX 2011 sessions and keynotes are available for streaming and download on MSDN’s Channel 9 . Microsoft's MIX 2011 conference continued this morning with Joe Belfiore , Microsoft Corporate Vice President, Windows Phone Program Management, introducing more
  • Blog Post: Hello Windows Phone 7 OS (codenamed “Mango”)

    Perhaps you’ve heard already about Windows Phone 7 OS (codenamed “Mango”)? Here is a list of some of my favorite great new features of the update. · Windows Phone OS 7 (codenamed “Mango”) is a free update for all more
  • Blog Post: Nokia & Microsoft Announce Plans for Strategic Partnership

    In London this morning Nokia and Microsoft announced plans for a broad strategic partnership, creating a new global mobile ecosystem. “I am excited about this partnership with Nokia”, said Steven Ballmer, Microsoft’s CEO. “Ecosystems thrive when fueled more
  • Blog Post: January Update of the Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools support Copy & Paste

    Brandon Watson blogged ( link ) this week about the availability of the January Windows Phone Developer Tools update and I would encourage anyone developing for Windows Phone 7 to install the two updates here. Using this update you’ll have access to some more
  • Blog Post: Access to Windows Phone 7 Camera Roll from a Silverlight App …

    Or “Why is my RootPictureAlbum null?” Download the code for this example . In order to get programmatic access to the available media libraries on Windows Phone 7, you need to use some XNA libraries even in a Silverlight application.  I will give more
  • Blog Post: HTML5, Silverlight, Windows Phone - MIX 2011 Registration Open

    Whether you’re a Web developer interested in harnessing the awesome power of Windows Internet Explorer 9 with HTML5, a Silverlight developer developing the next awesome media or business application, or a Windows Phone 7 developer; you’ll definitely want more
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